Uber Promo Codes

The Viable Alternative to a Taxi

Although for a great number of years there has not been a viable alternative to getting a taxi when you need a ride home, now there are rideshare companies operating in many cities and these do provide a viable alternative. In fact, these rideshare companies are rapidly gaining more and more popularity, depriving some taxis of business. What may be a loss for taxi drivers though, is certainly working out for many drivers that wish to make some extra money as rideshare companies welcome part time drivers to join them. To be a rideshare driver, you will need to be over 21 years of age, have had a valid driver’s licence for at least a year and be in possession of a car and a smart phone. All a driver has to do is download the company’s app to their smart phone and apply. Once approved as a driver, a new driver will have to undergo one test drive and if that is successful, they can start working and earning money as many hours as they wish. It is not unusual for this type of driver to earn $35 per hour but if they earn bonuses for working over 30 or 50 hours a week, it could be more. The taxi drivers, perhaps understandably, have concerns about these rideshare drivers as they are not as strictly vetted as they had to be and they also raise concerns as to what insurance cover these drivers have for their passengers. Both these concerns are of course ones that have to be addressed by the relevant city authorities but it is doubtful that much will change and certainly not change enough to deter the rideshare companies from continuing their services as they have already become so popular.

How potential passengers of these rideshare services can benefit is by their convenience and ease to use. All business is carried out through the smart phone app and a debit or credit card, making it both easy and convenient, certainly more so than standing in the rain, waiting for a taxi and wondering if you have enough change on you to pay for it. You can further benefit though by using promo codes for the services. The top uber codes for existing users are available on the internet and can be applied to the app in order to benefit. Often Uber and the other rideshare companies will offer promo codes for first time users so that you can start benefitting from the very first time you use this type of service.

Although the rules regarding insurance and experience of the drivers may change from city to city, the success of these rideshare companies is such that they will probably continue to exist for the foreseeable future and thereby continue to offer competition to the more traditional taxi services. This is perhaps not just good use to potential passengers but is also beneficial for any drivers that may be wishing to earn some extra money in their spare time.

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