The Hybrid E-Bike

blueislandceramics hybrid e-bike

In buying an electric bicycle or e-bike, the buyer, especially a first-time buyer, usually becomes confused when confronted with questions such as “What kind of e-bike will I buy?” and “What model should I choose?” Moreover, even after you have already decided on what type or brand of e-bike to buy, sometimes you would dilly-dally in buying because your budget is not sufficient. Likewise, there are instance wherein you would feel disgusted with what you have bought and would sometimes ask yourself, “Well, is an electric bike for me?

If you are undecided on what type of e-bike to buy, you should not worry for there is another type of e-bike—known as the hybrid type—that is available in the market. This e-bike combines the pedal-assist, PEDELEC and the hand-throttled power-on-demand e-bike. On the one hand, PEDELEC uses a pedal-activated motor that aids the cyclist in conserving his/her strength and energy while riding a bike. On the other hand, the power-on-demand type utilizes a throttle control that is very similar to the motorcycle’s accelerator to activate the electric motor.

Using this hybrid type of e-bikes gives the cyclist the option to shift from one mode of power source to another. For example, when driving on your way to work, you would initially use the pedal-assist mode to conserve the battery’s power. However, along the way, your perspiration would start to fall and your leg muscles would begin to falter. Hence, you can instantly switch to power-on-demand mode and let the motor take over your pedals. Likewise, you can switch back and forth from one mode to another depending on what type of ground you are traversing. For hard level surface and downward slopes, you can use the pedal-assist mode for you would be engaging in less pedaling. For uphill and off-road driving, you could immediately switch back to hand throttles, and let the motor do the work for you. In case you use your brakes, the motor would automatically disengage, conserving the battery’s power. One great advantage that a hybrid e-bike has over the traditional bike and PEDELEC is that you do not need to dismount whenever you are moving up onto rough or rocky ground.

Moreover, parking problems commonly associated with cars and SUVs are eliminated with the use of e-bike. As in the traditional bicycle, you can easily park your e-bike on the narrowest available space, and due to the lightness and strength of the materials used in the manufacturing of e-bike, you can easily carry your e-bike up a stair into your own room.

At present, there are several bicycle designs that e-bike manufacturers incorporated into their e-bike products. There are mountain and touring e-bikes, BMX, racers and utility e-bikes. The most popular designs for young adults are the sporty-looking mountain e-bikes equipped with a reliable suspension system. Older people mostly prefer the touring or utility bike designs. Moreover, due to the advancements in materials and electronic technology, e-bike manufacturers readily made use metal alloys and carbon fiber to produce strong but lightweight e-bikes. Manufacturers also incorporated electronic gadgetry into the e-bikes’ designs. Lastly, some e-bike designs have the motor switch, GPS, lock and other electronic features that are readily accessible via the user’s smart phone.

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