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Brighton and Foreign Visitors

Brighton has become Britain’s most popular seaside destination for foreign visitors to the UK. This is probably no surprize to those that have visited Brighton as it certainly does have plenty to offer any tourist, whether they are British or foreign.

Among Brighton’s many attractions is the Royal pavilion which was built by King George IV when he was still the Prince Regent and liked to visit Brighton. Other attractions include Brighton’s Palace Pier and the West Pier, both of which were built during the reign of Queen Victoria, as was the famous rand Hotel. As the numbers of visitors has continuously grown since the Prince’s visits when Georgian houses started to appear and transform Brighton from a fishing village into a thriving town, the town has continuously added more attractions for them to enjoy. It now boasts many amusements, restaurants, bars and cafes, enough and of different varieties to appeal to all the visitors. Added to the attractions offered by Brighton itself, the beautiful surrounding Sussex countryside offers many attractions of its own including many castles and country houses displaying magnificent public gardens. It is perhaps the Brighton cab to gatwick services that are most appealing to the foreign tourists. That is to say that the distance from London’s International airports, especially Gatwick, to Brighton are short and so cab fares or even prices for chauffeur driven luxury vehicles are low, allowing foreign visitors to start their vacations off quickly and easily and even in comfort. By far the most convenient seaside destination in the UK for foreign visitors, Brighton makes the most of convenience by offering all that a British seaside resort can offer.

The history of Brighton may also be of interest to some foreign visitors as it is long and diverse. In 1730 it was just a fishing village when visitors would arrive in Brighton to use its 8 miles of beach to bath in the sea, in the mistaken belief that the salt waters could cure many illnesses. Several years later Brighton received more visitors but this time they were only in transit as many of the boats bound for France, started their journeys in Brighton. Perhaps one of the first actual tourists to Brighton was the Prince Regent and it was his fondness for it that inspired others to visit. The prince built the Royal Pavilion and soon afterwards, many streets became flanked by rows of Georgian houses, catering to Brighton’s new found popularity. The popularity has continued to grow ever since and with some fine Victorian buildings added to the Georgian styles, Brighton became interesting for its architecture as well as its beaches. Ever expanding, in 1997 Brighton joined with its neighbour Hove and between them could then boast a population of 400,000 catering to an average of 8 million visitors each year. During the celebrations for the year 2000, Queen Elizabeth formerly recognized Brighton and Hove as a city which completed Brighton’s history from fishing village to city in just less than 300 years.

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