Best Clubs In Bucharest

Bucharest is a city that has attracted all sorts of tourists. There is something for everybody here but most of those who travelled far and long are the ones who want to find Bucharest nightclubs. The night clubs here are places where most people go to if they want to unwind and just have fun. They are known for having low entrance fees; some are even free, and low cost of alcoholic beverages. If you compare the prices of clubs you will find in the Western countries, you will surely see that the prices here are cheaper and more affordable.

This is why not only are the rich people able to go here and to party but students can too. Here is a list of the best night clubs in Bucharest. Read them and maybe do some club-hopping the next time you visit Bucharest.

1. Tribute Club – This club is one of the high end clubs and can be more on the expensive side. They offer live music and entertainment by some of the well-known bands. You get to enjoy great music and the good ambiance too when you go to this club. Some of the well-known celebrities have also been spotted here.

2. Chaboo Club – This club is more of the techno or hip-hop club where you will find a DJ playing the best sounds. There are awesome lightings and is a venue for most of the extravagant parties that people throw. Aside from the DJ, you can also find dancers, models and hostesses that can entertain you and push more people to party. They are the ones responsible in bringing life to the party. It is also quite well known for its theme parties.

3. Le Gaga – This club is located in the center of Bucharest and you can find the Tei Lake just next to it. It is a contemporary kind of club that is mostly chosen by people who like to party with their friends or just have fun with some of their clients. It has a very distinct energy that can really impress whoever goes to it. The club makes use of the vibrant colors as decorations and white seats as well as chandelier to add some elegance to the club. They are also very careful with the lighting to make sure it provides you with a very relaxing summer experience. It is opened during the summer only.

4. Club Fratelli – This club features some of the most upbeat music that you can dance to. Even if you don’t really dance, you will find yourself dancing to the beat. It is found in Strada Glodeni and you can simply ride a cab and tell him the clubs name to get you there.

5. Club Bellagio – If you want to find some of Romania’s celebrities, you should head to Bellagio. The parties held here are mostly crazy with the addition of some hot dancer as well as sexy hostesses. You will surely enjoy each and every moment that you spend in this club.

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